About Us

Results Continuum Inc. is a full service training and human resources company specializing in teaching leaders and teams how to enhance individual and team productivity.

Our highly skilled team of talented developers and facilitators have done all the hard work for you – saving you time and money. Learn from their years of experience and research in the fields of leadership, team development, communications, performance management, coaching, mentoring, employee engagement, customer service, sales and marketing and selling to women. Our diverse team of accomplished speakers, teachers and facilitators across Canada deliver sessions which will inspire participants to keep learning and performing long after the session is over.

Ildi Wiley

is President of Results Continuum Incorporated, a consulting and training firm specializing in business development, leadership and team development. Their goal is simple: develop great leaders, team and process that give your business the only competitive advantage that has stood the test of time: unmatched levels of service. Ildi is a trainer, facilitator, strategic coach and business consultant who works with companies ranging in size from 3 to 3000 employees, assisting leaders and teams to achieve business success through increasing employee engagement levels, service standards and workforce development.

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