For Doctors Only – Human Resources

“Happy patients start with happy staff.”

For Doctor's Only
Your Questions:

How much should I pay my staff?
Do I have to pay for sick time or time off?
Do I need to have a policy manual?
Should I pay an incentive?
How do I motivate my staff?
I need to make a staff change – where do I start?

The Answer:

Results Continuum Inc. Human Resources Services

Structure & Clarity
  • job description development and reviews
  • employee policy and procedure manuals
  • employment contracts and agreements
  • employee termination advice and coaching


Employee Engagement Strategies
  • pay rates
  • incentives, recognition and rewards programs
  • team building and conflict resolution


HR Strategy
  • hiring: postings, screening, interviewing, reference checks
  • assessing future hiring needs
  • redesigning organizational structure
  • succession planning
  • employee satisfaction surveys


Value Add
  • monthly e-newsletter focusing on relevant and up-to-date topics for your office
  • 24/7 assistance and advice
  • e-tips: short, practical email bulletins