One must first master themselves before they master others.

There are as many theories about leadership as there are books about the topic. This session doesn’t lecture you on what type of leader to be but what type of leader you ARE. Strong leaders have a high sense of self-awareness of strengths, communication style and preferred work style.

Our powerful Personality Dimensions® self-assessment tool clearly identifies your skills and strengths and offers you insight into how to implement those abilities.

Using your assessment results and core concepts of leadership, you will learn how to:
  • Overcome the ‘imposter’ syndrome that many leaders experience
  • Clearly communicate visions, tasks and goals
  • Implement the three elements that create respect for leadership
  • Use situational leadership skills to master any situation
  • Influence others to gain their cooperation
  • Engage teams and problem solve through the four levels of conversation
  • Set clear goals to ensure your continued development


  • Increase your confidence and effectiveness as a leader
  • Stand out amongst your peers
  • Have new and practical techniques to increase your leadership impact
  • Network and learn from other leaders