The 8 Simple Truths of Service

Customer service is the new sales.

This ‘back to basics’ approach draws from the simple truths of customer service while highlighting the role that personal accountability, initiative and follow up play in delivering service excellence. This session is designed to increase awareness of the levels of customer service/customer satisfaction that staff choose to deliver on a daily basis. (Session includes small group work.)

You will learn:


  • The 8 Simple Truths of customer service that apply to all organizations and businesses
  • How to read customer behaviours and influence their experience
  • Communication strategies that demonstrate the highest levels of service
  • Why and how to read your customer’s expressed and unexpressed needs
  • How to stay motivated in a fast-paced, customer service role
  • Best practices from other top Canadian organizations and businesses





  • Advance your career by delivering exceptional service and standing above the crowd
  • Increase customer loyalty by building a strong service brand at your organization and business
  • Simplify your job and save time by understanding what your customer really wants
  • Recharge your service battery by renewing and inspiring personal accountability
  • Develop communication skills that transfer to any service environment