Advanced Coaching

Having The Hard Conversations

Ever feel like even your best coaching skills are not enough to tackle the most challenging members of your team? Like many other leaders and managers, you are probably delaying having the hard conversations that you know will get to the core of the issue and turn poor performance around.

This session focuses on advanced coaching skills to address serious and long-standing performance issues.

You will learn how to:
  • Use the three guiding principles of coaching
  • Overcome the fear of challenging conversations
  • Fine tune your personal coaching style
  • Use specific words, phrases and messages that promote a resolution
  • Combine clarity and caring in any coaching conversation
  • Use easy, practical ways to track coaching conversations
  • Encourage accountability and development


  • Gain respect and credibility as a leader and coach
  • Save time and money by getting to the heart of the issue faster
  • Reduce individual and team stress by resolving challenging and long-standing issues
  • Take your coaching skills to the next level