Hire Right The First Time©

Your Ultimate Hiring Course + Toolkit

The ultimate step-by-step, reusable hiring course + toolkit that will save you time, money and that will make you feel like you have an entire HR team working for  you!


Does this sound familiar?


You find hiring and onboarding an overwhelming task with too much paperwork and too many steps.

You see other clinics posting happy pictures of their  ‘dream team’ and you want this for your clinic but aren’t sure where to start.

Like most clinic owners and managers you’re doing ‘best-guess hiring’ as you’ve never had any formal training or guidance in the art or process of hiring.

You’re having trouble scaling your clinic because you don’t have the right people to support you.


Whether you’re:

  • An established clinic that's hit a plateau in business growth.
  • New to the medical aesthetics field, looking to launch a profitable business and create a dream team.
  • Find hiring to be tiring, time-consuming, and never feeling like you’re finding the right fit for your business.
  • Feel confident in your business but HATE hiring and recruitment.

It’s time to upgrade and perfect your hiring and onboarding system to be simple, hassle-free, and INCREASE the likelihood of finding the perfect fit for your clinic. Build a team that supports you and your business and the possibilities are endless!


Good News...Help is here!

Introducing Hire Right The First Time©  


Hire Right The First Time© is a comprehensive course that is facilitated in live and recorded online sessions that teaches my tried-and-true, step-by-step, predictable hiring process so that you can more easily find and hire a great candidate. I will also share every tool and template you’ll ever need including job posting templates, hiring checklists, screening checklists, interview questions list, interview guides, email templates, job offers and contract and on-boarding checklists and plans.  

The best part… all of these tools, templates and resources are editable and reusable,  ready for you to use where and when you’re ready.

I’ve spent the last 18+ years perfecting this process and helping my clients own their recruitment process. I’ve crafted a foolproof hiring process to ensure my clients get the most qualified candidates every time.

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What you'll experience when you register - Solutions and Support Galore!

By the end of the course you will:

☑ See an entire overview of the hiring process so that you can finally get organized.

☑ Learn essential candidate attraction tools to help your opportunity get noticed.

☑ Discover how to interview so that candidates give real and truthful answers.

☑ Explore the top 7 most common hiring mistakes and how to overcome them.

☑ Get access to all the fully reusable Ultimate Hiring Guide templates, checklists and step-by-step instructions you will ever need.

Because you always ask…yes, I facilitate all of the live sessions and yes, all sessions are recorded and can be accessed in your Course Library.   

Why Us?

Results Continuum Inc. (RCI) is a full-service consulting, training and human resources company specializing in serving the medical aesthetics field. We teach leaders and teams how to set and achieve goals by turning learning into behaviours and processes. We combine our three areas of expertise: building strong teams, patient retention and patient acquisition strategies with our 18+ years of proven best practices to produce quick and lasting growth for your clinic. Our clients are established and growing clinics and medspas who are passionate about leadership as a choice, service excellence and learning. We deliver solutions and clarity to allow clinics to implement core values, goals and processes that deliver measurable business growth.

Our competitive advantages include:
· 18+ years in delivering measurable business outcomes to leading and growing medical aesthetic clinics.

· Strong reputation for strategy and implementation that increase clinic revenue.

· Our knowledge of best practice in clinic process, models, systems and technological strategies.

· Proven track-record as trusted advisors, coaches and trainers to clinic leaders and their teams.

· Our ability to develop and maintain strategic partners.

· A belief in the importance of focusing on authentic values and vision first.

· An understanding of mindset, emotional intelligence, personality type, leadership skills and team dynamic as critical elements to business success.

· Our expertise in developing and implementing exceptional learning experiences and standards messaging to turn learning in to long-lasting leadership and team behaviours.

· A team of dedicated professionals who will support you, your team and your business goals at every step.

We were basically ‘winging’ our hiring process every time as none of us had ever had any training in how to hire.   It would take us almost 2 months and sometimes we would just give up.  Ildi showed us step-by-step how to hire from beginning to end.  It simplified everything and now we don’t panic when we have to hire a new team member."

-Vancouver Clinic

As a Clinic Director, I dreaded having to hire staff. It’s time consuming and hard to stay organized with my already full plate. I’ve been using RCI’s hiring guide for over 5 years with success in each of our hires. "

-BC Clinic

We used to struggle with really really poor quality resumes. When we used the job posting design templates, we instantly get better applicants."

-Saskatchewan Clinic

What’s in the course?

Start here:  Welcome and Roadmap (Live + recorded)

-a complete roadmap to hiring + overview of all templates and resources.

WEEK 1 - HR 101 + Confidently Design The Ultimate Job Posting (120 minutes)

-Understand the full scope of the hiring process to increase new hire retention

-The anatomy of a great job posting and exactly what to include to attract the right candidate.

WEEK 2 - The Art of Simplified Screening: Resumes, And Candidates (90 minutes)

-Learn the process of ‘right-spotting’ resumes that allows you to create a great short-list.

-The 10 hidden benefits of the 15-minute phone interview to develop your short-list of qualified candidates (live demos).

WEEK 3 - The Magic - The Winning Group Interview (120 minutes)

-Learn why and how the Group Interview Process will cut your interview time in half or more (it’s not what you think it is).

-How to involve your team in the hiring process. 

-A  complete walk-through of the best, more thorough interview questions + how to create your customized interview package for each position.   Get all a template of all the interview questions you will ever need!

WEEK 4 -  Confidential + Direct Feedback - Content Critique Opportunity + Co-work Space (optional)

-A chance to submit one piece of content such as a job posting or an interview guide and receive recorded feedback.

-An co-work implementation session for increased support and accountability. Only my private clients have had access to this until now!

WEEK 5 -  Tailored Finishing Touches - Offers, Contracts and Onboarding for Retention (90 minutes)

-You’re almost there!   Learn simple pro-HR tips for essential finishing touches that increase new team member retention. 

-On-boarding: The why, what, when, who, where and how of the SmartStart model.

Certificates of Completion are available :)


-Access to our Learning Library with all recorded sessions for 2 years.

-Support from our Client Success Managers from the minute you sign up to 4 weeks after the end of the course



You belong in Hire Right The First Time if:

- You're ready to do your next hire without the hassle and overwhelming paperwork.

- You want to stop doing 'best-guess' hiring and start learning proven hiring practices.

- You crave guidance and direction on how to attract great job candidates to your job posting no matter what position you're hiring for.

- You want to become an HR rock-star in your clinic and advance your career.

Save your seat today!