Become an in-demand clinic with a positive ‘everyone sells’ culture that keeps your team and clinic growing! 


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The TOP 4 things that stop clinics from being booked out for months👇

  • Assuming you need a business degree or extensive leadership experience.
  • Becoming overwhelmed by thinking that you have to do everything yourself. 
  • Endless discounts, giveaways and hit-or-miss marketing.
  • Doing 'hurry-up' tactics to stay ahead of competitors. 
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Sound familiar? Keep reading 👀 

✋ Stop wasting time second-guessing every decision so you can focus on...

  • Client attraction and retention
  • Delegating and engaging team members with ease.
  • Building a unique service & sales culture that your team loves.
  • Feeling fully supported in planning & operating your practice.

A group program for medical aesthetic clinic owners and managers. Ready to become a confident business leader, create a strategy to scale revenue, increase profitability and develop a sales culture amongst team members – all within 6 months!

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Clinic Transformations Roadmap

😧 Let's be real—stagnation sucks. Imagine breaking through those invisible barriers that have been holding you back. Picture yourself not just meeting but surpassing your goals. It's not just about revenue; module 0 is about gaining clarity, feeling capable, and ready to steer your clinic toward the success you've always envisioned.

Are you drowning in decisions, feeling overwhelmed by the sheer weight of running your clinic? We're peeling back the layers to define success with laser-focused precision in module 1. It's about setting boundaries that free you from the chaos and making decisions that propel you forward.

💭 Picture this: a motivated team that sticks around. Not just showing up but genuinely engaged. module 2 is where the magic happens —cultivating a culture of safety, selling and shared purpose. No more team members merely clocking in; it's about building connections and reigniting the spark that's been missing.

😪 Tired of the marketing rollercoaster and the hit-or-miss tactics? I hear you. In module 3 we dive into strategies that assure sustainable growth without the constant discounts and giveaways. Imagine the relief of implementing approaches that actually work, replacing that nagging sense of urgency with a calm assurance that your revenue is on the right track.

Imagine having exactly what you need to move forward with assurance. This bonus module is about standing on your own with confidence, equipped not just with knowledge but with a personalized toolkit that makes your clinic stand out from the rest. 

In 5 months or less you will increase your revenue by 25%.

🤷‍♀️ How?

✅ Create a 12-month clinic plan including key monthly business activities, staff training, event planning & promotions so that you can be confident in your decisions and outcomes.

✅ Design your clinic Super Schedule so that your entire team's schedule is designed to maximize efficiency and revenue.

✅ Host your first Levels of Conversation team meeting to promote accountability, self-directed problem-solving and idea generation.

✅ Complete 2 or more team member coaching sessions using our goal-setting framework that gets teams to stay and be business builders.

✅ Re-organize your email acquisition process and client database so that you can improve retention and make more sales.

✅ Create and implement 2 or more customized promotions so you can quickly and easily test new revenue strategies.

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Our journey together looks like this 👇 


Immerse yourself in empowering 90-minute live teaching sessions facilitated by Ildi and our guest speakers. Feel your confidence surge as we navigate core concepts and practical how-to's together.

▶️ Time-stamped replays are available at your convenience.

Coaching + Support

Share your clinic topics, worries, or concerns, and feel the support as our team answers your specific questions with clear next steps.

Benefit from shared insights—proven and common practices by other clinics—and gain answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

Implementation & Co-Work

Connect with other participants inside the program, get the support you need so you can cross-off pesky to-do's from your list. 

This is a collaborative journey where you learn AND actively apply, ensuring your newfound knowledge transforms into tangible results for your clinic.


1:1 Coaching

Private monthly calls achieve real, measurable success. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions – we work together to craft a plan that aligns with your unique goals.

Team Support

Dedicated support from our team so you have what you need to successfully work through the program and achieve your goals!

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Meet Ildi Arlette

CEO, Results Continuum Inc.


For 20 years, Ildi has served as a consultant, business coach and trusted adviser to over 350 top medical aesthetic clinics in the fields of dermatology, plastic surgery, med spas and private-pay clinics.

She is recognized as an award-winning business thought-leader and business operations expert and has the rare experience of being a former clinic owner, leading a team of 22 staff members to become one of Canada's top 20 clinics before selling the practice in late 2019.

Her relentless drive to serve both her clients and her community has allowed Ildi to become a recipient of the Top 40 Under 40 Award (2008), a multiple nominee for the RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Awards, the 2019 Alberta Women Entrepreneurs Award (A.W.E.) and former member of the prestigious global Women Presidents Organization and Founder of the Women in Leadership and Business Conference.

With these core values, vast experience and passion for learning and development, Ildi’s mission is to free clinic founders from the mythical missing piece of must-have technology.

Ready to have Ildi in your back pocket👖 

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A profitable practice is closer than you think when you have the right roadmap in place!


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towards becoming an in-demand clinic with a positive 'everyone sells' culture while keeping your team and clinic growing!


This is FOR YOU if...

This is NOT FOR YOU if...

✅ You’re an expert in your field.

✅ You’ve previously invested resources to build and grow your clinic (time, money, energy).

✅ You have a track-record as a decision-maker.

✅ You are teachable, coachable, and you’re ready to learn and implement.

For best results, that bring realistic, sustainable growth for you and your clinic, we ask that you meet this criteria.

❌ You are looking for short-cuts and hacks. This program is intended for long-lasting results in your clinic.

❌ Want a done-for-you model. If you can't do the work, you won't see the results.

❌ You are not a privately owned and operated clinic.


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What other Aesthetic Clinic owners & Managers are saying: