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As a leader in the field of medical aesthetics, you’ve seen dramatic changes in the marketplace.  You see small boutique and large clinic competitors opening at an alarming rate, creating competition for an increasingly demanding and selective clientele.  This means that how your practice continues to operate and how it serves your market has more impactful consequences than ever before. 

You are passionate about your chosen area of specialty but as your practice grows and your skills and service are becoming more in demand, you find yourself:
✔️ F
eeling like you’re doing the work of those you hired to do it.
✔️  L
ooking for ways to make your staff more productive and engaged.
✔️  T
hinking that you’re an expert in your treatments but unsure on how to make to run your business.
✔️ W
ondering what and how other clinic leaders and manager do their jobs and structure their business.
✔️ W
anting more revenue but unsure how to achieve this.

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The bad news is that living and working with a strong sense of what feels like unrealized potential is hard. In fact, it can bring out the worst in most leaders like you who are driven,  hard-working visionaries who like to be in control.  It doesn’t have to be this way. 

The good news is:

the answers and solutions exist, there is help and guidance and you don’t ever have to feel like you’re trying to do all this alone.  This is where RCI can help. We believe that everyone deserves to feel supported. 

You Can Have:
✔️  A profitable, growing and well-respected practice.
✔️  More peace of mind that your staff and business are taken care of on a daily basis.
✔️ The knowledge and expertise to experience the full potential and abundance of cosmetic and aesthetic market.
✔️ Confidence that comes from knowing that you've taken the right steps to using your time and resources to their maximum potential.

Find Your Clinic Solutions

Physicians & Clinic Owners

You may even have an office manager, administrator, support staff or, like many owners, are trying to do it all yourself. You feel stuck and worse, fear that you’re falling behind or not keeping up. Somewhere in all of the demands on your time, you may even start to resent the constant demand of the leadership role in which you find yourself. You can get so lost in trying to keep up in the “everyday” that you lose sight of what success looks and feels like.

Clinic Managers &  Coordinators

Your ever-increasing responsibilities can lead to feeling like you’re putting out fires all day rather than focusing on serving your clients and doing the work that’s required to grow your business. Even though you’re driven, have targets and want the best for your business, you feel caught in a vicious cycle that leaves you with little to no time or energy to realize your goals.


Clinic Teams

Even as a high achiever, being a leader in the cosmetic and aesthetic field and running a business can leave you feeling overwhelmed in your role. Your time is spent addressing staff issues, client service, client retention, marketing, all while you juggle the competing demands of your life. 

Find Your Clinic Solutions

Whichever kind of support you're looking for, we've got a program to help!

Clinic Solutions

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Hire Right The First Time©

Your Ultimate Hiring Course + Toolkit

The ultimate step-by-step, reusable hiring course + toolkit that will save you time, money and that will make you feel like you have an entire HR team working for  you!

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3-Step Signature Process

Clinic Leader - Alberta

"I’m glad I took ‘Hire Right The First Time’. I will be hiring a new ‘Customer Service Specialist’ and find it very helpful to have all the templates and drafts available. Appreciate your expertise, it was a perfect time for me to take this course."

Doctor - Alberta

"I discussed with our Clinic Director the strategies you suggested in our 1:1 for an increase of the conversion rate. She was very excited about trying them. We have already made changes to the booked appointments for next week."

Business Program Leader 

"Wow! I loved your presentation and all the details that you shared with the cohort. Your process of Know Yourself, Know Your Team, and Work Toward a Goal is such a great fundamental that I think many teams often forget."

ILDI Arlette, Aesthetic Practice Specialist

Ildi works with cosmetic medical practices, medspas and spas to turn their goals and vision into a profitable reality.

As an award-winning business thought-leader, recognized aesthetic industry expert and business coach, she successfully applies her proven 3 step growth process to over 300+ cosmetics practices and medspas

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