HR Services

Simple solutions to complex problems.

You have a successful business or organization to run but your time is being spent on developing tedious human resource forms that seem endless – job descriptions, employment contracts, policies and procedures – not to mention coaching strong and poor performing managers or team members.

Whether you need on-going HR support or a one-time consultation, our highly skilled HR consultants can assist you with your quickest or most in-depth HR questions and goals.

Our competitive advantage is our 24/7 HR hotline that lets you connect with your HR contact when you need to, where you need to, as often as you need to.

Our Services Include:

  • Job descriptions
  • Employment contracts
  • Policies and procedures review and development
  • Performance management support and coaching
  • Recruitment including screening, interviewing and reference checks
  • Employee termination
  • Health and safety policy development and review
  • Strategic planning development
  • Incentive and mentoring development
  • Succession planning
  • Employee engagement strategies
  • Team building strategies and planning
  • Professional development planning

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