Hire Right The First Time©

Starts Tuesday, July 9, 2024

The ultimate step-by-step hiring course + reusable toolkit that will save you time, money and welcome the next rockstar to your team!


Does this sound familiar?


✅ It’s time to hire a new team member and you just know you’re about to lose an extra 97 hours of precious time sifting through a stack of unqualified candidates before you find a diamond in rough.

✅ You see other clinics posting happy pictures of their  ‘dream team’ and you want this for your clinic but aren’t sure where to start because right now, your team feels more like the cast of Vanderpump Rules than a fully functioning team of people who’d every be caught dead in a group photo.

✅ Your “best guess”  approach to hiring has worked well enough up until now. But it times to make big moves.

✅ And scaling your clinic seems always out of reach because you don’t have the right people to support you.


 Whether you’re:

  • An established clinic that's hit a plateau in business growth and you need to expand your team with perfect match people.
  • New to the medical aesthetics field, looking to launch a profitable business and create a dream team from scratch.

Imagine having a hassle-free hiring process you can use on repeat every time you want to welcome a new team member to your clinic.

Imagine knowing exactly how to spot red flags before you make a hire so that every member of your clinic works together like peanut butter and jelly!

You’re closer than you think with Hire Right the First Time.




Hire Right The First Time© takes you through every single step of my tried-and-true, step-by-step, predictable hiring process designed to attract dreamy candidates with a whole lot less effort (and guesswork) on your part.

You’ll also have immediate access all of my road tested, completely editable and ready to use  templates and checklists.

  • job posting design templates so that you quickly attract qualified candidates. 
  • hiring checklists, so that you can stay organized and avoid overwhelm.
  • screening checklists, so that you can confidently and quickly get meetings with the right candidates.
  •  interview questions list, so that you are ready to meet with candidates at a moment's notice. 
  •  interview guides, so that you use your and your team's time wisely and fast-track your offer.
  •  email templates, so that you can personally connect with your A-list candidates and show them you mean business.
  •  job offers, so that be confident when you make it official.
  •  contracts, so that you can share it with your legal advisor and make sure the deal sticks.
  •  on-boarding checklists and plans, so that you're off to a solid start and your dream team member can start contributing to your clinic right away!

I’ve spent the last 22+ years perfecting this process which has attracted hundreds of perfect match candidates into over 150 different Medical Aesthetic and wellness clinics.

$325 CAD 🇨🇦

+ applicable taxes (5% GST)

🇺🇸 $240 USD


Avoid the top 7 most common hiring mistakes so you don’t waste any time sifting through yawn-inducing applicants or rehiring at the drop of a hat because of your high turnover.


✅ Understand the entire hiring process from A-Z so you can plan accordingly and feel excited instead of overwhelmed.

✅ Ensure your job posting stands out from the average ho-hum postings that nobody wants to apply for.

✅ Learn the interview skills designed to uncover give real and truthful answers from every candidate.

Because you always ask…yes, I facilitate all of the live sessions and yes, all sessions are recorded and can be accessed in your Course Library.   

Meet Ildi Arlette, Founder & CEO

For 22 years, Ildi has served as a consultant, business coach and trusted adviser to over 400 top medical aesthetic clinics in the fields of dermatology, plastic surgery, med spas and private-pay clinics. 

She is also a former clinic owner with a team of 22 staff servicing in the areas of dermatology, surgery, medical aesthetics and retails sales. 

She is recognized as an award-winning business thought-leader and business operations expert using her proven approach to help medical aesthetic practices increase profits by developing leadership and systems to become in-demand clinics with a positive 'everyone sells' culture that keeps their team and business growing.

Ildi has been recognized with prestigious awards and multiple nominations for entrepreneurial achievements. As a former clinic owner, a talented team to become one of Canada's top 20 clinics before selling the practice in late 2019. Ildi brings an intimate insider perspective of the daily challenges of owning and operating a clinic in a competitive market.

“I believe that the people you hire for your clinic will have the biggest impact on increasing your revenue and profits. It's also one of the best ways to become an uncopyable clinic.”

Ildi offers a suite of transformative services designed to elevate the practice and profitability including her signature program, Clinic Transformations®, a blend of 1:1 coaching and peer groups focusing on leadership and business development. Hire Right the First Time©, an invaluable, step-by-step hiring course and toolkit that equips clinics with the resources to make effective hiring decisions, saving time and money. Her masterclasses and workshops are renowned for their practical, proven approaches, how-tos and actionable formats.

We were basically ‘winging’ our hiring process every time as none of us had ever had any training in how to hire.   It would take us almost 2 months and sometimes we would just give up.  Ildi showed us step-by-step how to hire from beginning to end.  It simplified everything and now we don’t panic when we have to hire a new team member."

-Vancouver Clinic

As a Clinic Director, I dreaded having to hire staff. It’s time consuming and hard to stay organized with my already full plate. I’ve been using RCI’s hiring guide for over 5 years with success in each of our hires. "

-BC Clinic

We used to struggle with really really poor quality resumes. When we used the job posting design templates, we instantly get better applicants."

-Saskatchewan Clinic

What’s in the course?

Start here:  Welcome and Roadmap (Live + recorded)

-a complete roadmap to hiring + overview of all templates and resources.

PHASE 1 - Confidently Design The Ultimate Job Posting (120 minutes)

-Understand the full scope of the hiring process to increase new hire retention

-The anatomy of a great job posting and exactly what to include to attract the right candidate.

WEEK 2 - The Art of Simplified Screening: (90 minutes)

-Create a great short-list quickly with my signature ‘right-spotting’ resume process. 

 WEEK 3 - The Magic - The Winning Group Interview (120 minutes)

-Cut your interview time in half with the Get It Right Group Interview Process … and no, this is just a group of folks meeting on zoom. There’s a method to making group interviews work. (it’s not what you think it is).

-Involve your team in the hiring process to take work off your plate and ensure your new hire is a chemistry fit with their coworkers.

-Create your customized interview package for each position with the best interview questions you’ve ever laid eyes on.

WEEK 4 -  Confidential + Direct Feedback - Content Critique Opportunity + Co-work Space (optional)

-A chance to submit one piece of content such as a job posting or an interview guide and receive recorded feedback.

-An co-work implementation session for increased support and accountability. Only my private clients have had access to this until now!

WEEK 5 -  Triple your retention with a team who feels like your dream team. (90 minutes)

-You’re almost there!   Learn simple pro-HR tips for essential finishing touches that increase new team member retention. 

-Practice The SmartStart Model to make sure that you're new A-player is helping grow your clinic, adding value to your team, and wanting to stay forever!


-Access to our Course Library with all recorded sessions for 2 years.

-Support from our Client Success Managers from the minute you sign up to 4 weeks after the end of the course

-Did we mention templates?  You bet!  You get every template more than 100s of clinics have relied on to hire the right team member in half the time. 



Making the right hire is easy when you’ve planned ahead with the right tools.

Hire Right the first time will take you there.