Company Overview:

Results Continuum Inc. (RCI) is a full-service consulting, training and human resources company specializing in teaching leaders and teams how to achieve their business and personal goals. We combine our three areas of expertise: building strong teams, retaining patients and acquiring new patients to produce quick and lasting growth for your clinic.

Our clients have strong, authentic messages that they want to share with their ideal patients. They are leaders in their industry and, difference-makers who are deeply driven to give to others. Working closely with our clients, we focus on clarifying and operationalizing their values, goals and intentions while shifting mindsets, and providing solid business processes to support measurable business growth.

Our competitive advantages include:

  • 20+ years in delivering measurable business outcomes to leaders, teams and businesses.
  • 15+ years consulting experience for top cosmetic clinics throughout Canada and the US.
  • Strong reputation for strategy and implementation.
  • A belief in the importance of focusing on authentic values first and business second.
  • An understanding of mindset, emotional intelligence, personality type, leadership skills and team dynamic as critical elements to business success.
  • Our peer group support model and network (by invitation only).
  • Our proven marketing approach, focusing on elevating the content and delivery of learning materials and/or messaging.
  • Our ability to develop and influence strategic partners.
  • Our knowledge of process, systems and technological strategies.
  • Our comprehensive complement of services include consulting, training and human resources to build strong teams, retain patients and acquire new patients for our clients.
  • Full service and strategic human resources support (payroll omitted).
  • Our expertise in developing and implementing exceptional learning experiences and standards.
  • A team of dedicated professionals who will support you, your team and your business goals at every step.

We believe that a business’ most valuable assets are its people and their strengths. By investing in these pillars a business of any size or nature can thrive in delivering their message to the world.

We help leaders, business owners and teams achieve success by defining and focusing on what really counts:

→ How to do their best work every day by capitalizing on their skills, talents and abilities;
→ How to effectively communicate and collaborate with teams and clients so work gets done right the first time;
→ How to innovate services and products to position themselves as their customer’s first-choice;
→ Building on their skill-set by presenting proven and new practical strategies, tips and techniques that help to achieve their business, professional and personal goals.

Ildi Arlette created RCI in 1994 as a premier consulting, training, and HR company. Since 2004 Ildi has specialized in consulting with Canada’s top dermatology, plastic surgery, spas, retail, cosmetic, medical, and dental clinics to increase their business results by catalyzing patient service and levels of employee engagement. Ildi has developed a proven step by step approach to shift a clinic’s culture, processes, and marketing initiatives to achieve the three pillars of a successful aesthetic business: acquire new patients, build strong teams and retain patients. Included in this approach are strong a focus on leadership and team development, marketing, process improvement, systems implementation, and technology enhancement. Through her expertise, these initiatives will increase profitability, improve employee productivity, and enhance the overall patient experience.

Ildi has developed and delivered customized business plans, training sessions, and workshops while acting as a trusted consultant to over 90 top Canadian and American cosmetic clinics via her practice development education series and one-to-one coaching of clinic owners and staff.

Ildi Arlette

Those who know Ildi know that she is passionate about patient service. Her core values of leadership, service excellence, and continuous learning drive her core message to all her clients: “The best-built clinics, most advanced technology, and marketing can never outdo a positive and personal patient experience. In the end, it’s how clients experience your business and how you serve them that matters.” She values the hard work and dedication of owners, service providers, and entrepreneurs because she is one.

Ildi created and hosts exclusive medspa Mastermind groups –a confidential, online group made up of non-competing clinics from each province. The purpose of the groups is to have direct access to Ildi’s live learning sessions and bi-monthly calls, to engage in specific Q & A regarding problem-solving and growth strategies along with sharing of best practices.

Ildi has a proven track record as a results-driven leader, acting as an advisor, coach, and business partner to her clients. In addition to her experience in the medspa and cosmetic industry, her corporate and small/medium business clients range in size from 3-3000+ staff members.

Ildi is an award-winning business leader including Top 40 Under 40 and multiple nominations for the RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Awards. Ildi was recently nominated for the 2019 Alberta Women Entrepreneurs Award (A.W.E.). Ildi is an active member of the Women Presidents’ Organization and the founder of a 2-day national leadership and business conference.

Ildi lives with her husband John and her daughter Jaclyn in Calgary.

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